The Beta Show

‘The Beta Show’ is for testing new jokes – hence the name! This weekly stand-up comedy pro-am open mic gives comics a chance to perform 5-or-so minutes to develop their stagecraft, giving audiences a free ride of unpredictable ups and downs, all in immersive virtual reality.

While anyone can take the stage, ‘Beta’ serves as the means of graduation from the ‘Joke Club‘ comedy class it immediately follows, an essential part of the journey for any new comic in VR.

New comics who have proven their ability to grow and hold an audience’s interest and looking for a new kind of comedy challenge are selectively given the opportunity to host this show and develop their ability to manage a production.

A forum for new talent, the very best of ‘The Beta Show’ get to perform as an opening act for the bog stage of the ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse‘ pro show.

‘Comedy Night’ being the Unknown’s first VR production, the ‘The Beta Show’ was the second, proving itself a crucial gateway to talented VR comics from all over and a great platform for emerging talent to test their nerves. Indeed, the Unknown Theater is proud to have seen countless brave souls take the stage for the first time on its stage.

Are you the next?