Stand Up Sit Down

Hosted by Jack Schutze

If you love talking about stand-up and listening to people talk about stand-up almost as much as stand-up itself, ‘Stand Up Sit Down’ is for you. It’s like a late night show, but purely stand-up comedy-focused, where the acts perform and then sit down with the host for conversation about life as comedians, nerding out about the art and having more laughs.

That host is Jack Schutze, a comic whose dark anecdotes always play well on the theater’s pro nights. A hard-working student of the comedic arts, he not only hits just about every VR stage he can find a way onto, but is highly active in his physical world scene of San Marcos, TX.

He writes, he roasts, he produces, he promotes. And he makes funny friends, who he then brings into VR for a punchline and a chat. Because he loves comedy. If you love comedy, come listen in.