The Multiverse Comedy Show

Hosted by Rodney Ramsey
& Co-Host Simon Josh

This is the free pro comedy show at the Unknown Theater in Banter featuring physical world comics performing live in virtual reality. Rodney Ramsey goes deeper into his Voodoo Vinny alter ego as he hosts this monthly spectacular.

Normally, in both the physical world and in VR, rooms have capacity limits, as is the case with this show’s Horizon Worlds sister show, ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse‘.

But by leveraging the power of the Banter metaverse, we are not only able to project these amazing acts live across an infinite number of parallel realities (rooms), but the comics can travel from reality to reality at will to engage with each crowd in exciting ways.

Not really sure wtf that means? Don’t worry about it! Just come to the show and experience this reality-bending comedy scenario for yourself.