Joke Club

Hosted by Rodney Ramsey

Have you always wanted to try stand-up comedy but never quite got around to it or knew where to start? ‘Joke Club’ is your easiest possible answer. Taught by 20+ year stand-up pro Rodney Ramsey, you get a supportive insightful instructor, no audience present, in VR, for free, with an optional series of open mics (like ‘The Beta Show‘, which immediately follows the Monday class) when you’re ready.

The format of the class is simple; Rodney begins with a short lesson on a particular useful relevant topic, followed by everyone getting a turn to try up to 3 minutes on the stage, after which you get constructive, encouraging feedback to perfect your material and build your confidence. 

‘Joke Club’ is also the banner for our writing workshop sessions for support of the stand-up comedy journey, but offstage. Got some ideas that you can’t quite pull the funny out of? Having some mental blocks or anxieties you need to talk through? Hop on to either the Tuesday 7pm ET workshop run by ‘Rocky Mic‘ host Slixton or Louie Christie’s ‘Spitballing’ session bi-weekly Thursdays. Both of these are free, but private instruction is available for intermediate comics with veteran of the stage Sam Norton.

If you happen to live in the Montreal area (the physical world birthplace of the Unknown Theater), you can also join Rodney for his IRL class at the Comedy Nest.

So far we have helped dozens of aspiring comedians take the stage for the very first time, many of whom became regulars or even grew to host later open mics. While we pride ourselves on delivering high quality professional entertainment from established artists, classes like ‘Joke Club’, ‘Self Improv-ment’ and others through our School of the Unknown Arts are extremely near and dear to our hearts, providing a public good and commensurate sense of fulfillment. 

All are welcome to check out how it works, participating or just observing, at any of our Unknown Theater locations. Or join our Discord where comics are continuing stand-up related discussion between events.

Aside from ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse‘ and ‘The Beta Show’, ‘Joke Club’ is the longest running production at the Unknown Theater, the first class that paved the way for improv, sketch, and voice acting classes that took place since.

Will you be the next new comic born in VR, creating a 5-minute set that you can then take anywhere?