Doobie’s Comedy Jam

Hosted by DoobieWan420

As probably the most casual stand-up show on the circuit, ‘Doobie’s Comedy Jam’ presents a true open mic format for anyone interested, hosted by talented musician, comedian and host DoobieWan420. No sign up required, and you can perform as little time as you want.

The show takes place in Smokin’ Jay’s Lounge, the Unknown Theater’s afterparty spot, bringing a bit of a chaotic bar spice to the comedy recipe. Try a metable, shoot some hoops, listen to some jokes. Or tell a couple, if you want. Easy.

DoobieWan is an accomplished bass and guitar shredding musician who has adapted his skills towards R-rated parodies and silly stories to regale you with. A longtime VR comedy show host, audiences turn out for his infectious vibe. If you don’t catch him in VR, you may stumble across him performing in the NYC scene.