Comedy Night in the Metaverse

Hosted by Rodney Ramsey
& Co-Host Simon Josh

The show that started it all, ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse’ is the Unknown Theater’s original flagship production featuring professional physical world stand-up comics brought into virtual reality. Each show features at least one opening act and at least one hot headliner, following a crowd-interactive show-unto-itself welcome by friendly host and longtime professional comic Rodney Ramsey, with co-host and theater co-founder Simon Josh in support.

In rare territory for professional live VR entertainment, ‘Comedy Night’ has filled to capacity every show since soon after its launch. The regulars know to get there early! And pro comics know that it’s the show you want to get on, enjoying a well-oiled machine with respect for talent and a consistently warm, fun crowd.

The Unknown Theater has always been about bringing the kind of high-quality, professional entertainment you can see in the physical world into the convenience, accessibility, and magic of virtual reality. So, drawing from decades of physical world stand-up performance and production experience, the theater was designed as a classic venue. That venue needed a classic show. Since 2022, ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse’ has been that show, a reliable framing around a steady stream of new headliners.

Come see the finest free comedy show in Meta’s Horizon Worlds on an upcoming Thursday night and experience the magic that put the Unknown Theater on the map.