Binge Nation

Hosted by Cliff Powers & King Nothing

‘Binge Nation’ is a biweekly interactive community talk show about TV and movies hosted by an evolving panel but led by longtime community member King Nothing and Twitch streamer Cliff Powers.

At the end of each show, the hosts announce what will be discussed next show; everyone can then choose whether or not to watch the series or film to then actively participate in the communal review once the discussion is turned over for audience feedback. 

Those who haven’t watched get insights on whether they would like to, the beauty being a collection of perspectives and cases made for and against, to help them decide.

Whenever possible, the show features special guests actors, reviewers and superfans for exciting insider perspectives.

As one of the earliest Unknown Theater productions, ‘Binge’ has remained a community fixture, bonding attendees not only through insightful and hilarious discussion but watch parties for shared binging experiences, supported by dedicated channels on the Unknown community Discord.