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When the pandemic hit, Rodney Ramsey (aka Voodoo_Vinny) and Daniel Woodrow (aka Mrwoodrow) kept stand-up alive by creating the Unknown Comedy Club and delivering shows to public and corporate audiences over Zoom.

As longtime proponents of VR (even incorporating an avatar and virtual environment into Zoom), full escalation into the metaverse was inevitable.

    After joining forces with Simon Abramovitch (aka SimonJosh), longtime digital marketer, VR world builder, and friend, the trio launched the Unknown Theater in August 2022, bursting onto the scene in Meta’s popular Horizon Worlds platform.

    In just a few months of delivering consistent, high-quality, raw, uncensored comedy experiences, The Unknown Theater vaulted to the top 3 comedy spots on Horizon with the hottest shows attracting audience members (and comics) from across the platform.

    Who We Are

    Rodney Ramsey (aka Voodoo_Vinny)
    Since the beginning Rodney Ramsey has approached his career less like a standup comedian and more like a mad scientist, the stage being his laboratory. In 2012 Rodney created Canada’s first all-black comedy tour “The Underground Comedy Railroad” which tours the country annually during black history month.

    Rodney Ramsey has appeared on Kevin Hart's LOL channel and BBC's Summer Comedy event. Rodney has also starred in the movie ‘Race’, appeared in the ‘Mile Enders’, and ‘Absofreakinglutley’ on CBC. He has recently created The Unknown Comedy Club, Canada’s first virtual comedy club.

    Rodney hosts ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse’ and leads the army of stand-up comics.

    Daniel Woodrow (AKA Mrwoodrow)
    Daniel Woodrow has been fighting to bring laughter to audiences all over the world. His laid-back, observational, calls-it-like-he-sees-it humor, will make you wish you were his best friend. Daniel's comedy has been seen on Just For Laughs, JFL42, CTV, Comedy Network, Much Music, MTV, CBC and SiriusXM. You may also recognize him from his multiple appearances in TV commercials, Video On Trial, and The Beaverton. Winner of The Brantford Comedy Festival Daniel Woodrow is becoming a destination in comedy.

    While Daniel focuses on the Unknown Comedy Club, he’s a fan-favorite performer at the Unknown Theater.

    Simon Abramovitch (AKA SimonJosh)
    Part-time comic, Simon Abramovitch performed his one-man show Oh Humans at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2017. He has been an internet marketing and search engine optimization consultant for 15 years, helping over 300 businesses - from small local shops to Fortune 500 companies - to improve their performance.

    Simon co-hosts ‘Comedy Night in the Metaverse’ and is the primary builder/scripter of the Unknown Theater.

    Our Comics

    Our longtime connection with Montreal’s and Toronto's comedy scenes allows us to feature a new lineup of Canada's favorite, hottest comedians every week, a flow of diverse, credentialed talent unparalleled on the platform.

    Even though we recreate a typical comedy show format, the VR experience is still so new that decades-seasoned comics feel the excitement and nerves as if they are performing for the first time again, that energy and the true novelty of the space being a crucible for unique and amazing comedy moments.

    As we continue to pull more and more incredible comics into virtual reality, our roster is expanding from within the platform; talented longtime VR comedians continuously seek us out to perform at our venue.

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